Mentoring and Lecturing

Michael offers clinical and academic mentoring as well as seminars and lectures by donation.

Please contact him at (971) 227-3898, or send him an email at to make arrangements with him. Please also see the offerings and certificate program of the Valley-Spirit School of Healing Arts.

Here are a few suggested topics:

Classical Chinese Medicine
Classical Formulas Medicine
Classical Almanacs (Wuyun liuqi)
Yijing (I Ching), Change and Transformation
An Anthroposophical Perspective of Chinese Medicine
The Logos of Ancient China
Huangdi neijing translations and commentary
Shanghan lun and Jinggui yaolue translations and commentary
Geographical Medicine
Living Rivers in Nature and the Human Being
Nature and Cosmos
The Heart in Classical Chinese Medicine
The Vessels and Channels in Classical Chinese Medicine
Space, Time and Direction
Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment According to Holistic Medicine

Please Donate to support Michael’s continued work in these and other areas.
Your gifts and generosity are his means of sustainability as a writer, teacher and scholar.