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Your Gifts Sustain Us! We rely on gifts to go beyond everyday medicine and its practice. We seek to bring greater benefits to society, and to specific individuals.

As physicians and medical practitioners, as well as scholars, researchers, writers and translators, we recognize that with the exception of medicinals and printed works, we do not in reality “sell” much. Our work is what one could call “cultural realm” work. It emerges out of decades of study and development. Each time we determine a diagnosis, write a prescription, write an article or book, or translate a medical or philosophical text, and each time we teach or offer a seminar, class, or lecture, we are coming out of these many years of study and work into a new perspective in the present.

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Research and Development:

We are currently preparing to launch a new Research and Development organization and are looking into the viability of doing this as a 501(c)3 Non-Profit. We welcome your support and ideas as we move in this new direction.

Thank you for your support!