Payment Options

We only accept cash or check.  Please see the payment plan options we offer below:

1.  Direct cash or check for services.  This is a traditional payment option where patients who prefer to pay directly for each service can do so.  We currently do not take insurance.  Payment is due at the time of service.

2.  Pay-it-forward Gift Program.  This is an alternative to the traditional payment option.  Patients pay on a donation basis with the understanding that during difficult times, less payment will be made, and during improved economic times for the patient, greater payments will be made.  Patients in this program understand that generous gifts support those in difficult economic situations, and that this program is a “Pay-it-forward” payment plan.

3.  Patient Association Payment Plan.  Patients can choose to form a consensual contract of payment for the benefit of the entire community. Those who join this plan understand that they are supporting the community as a whole through consistent individualized payments.  Payment consistency allows us to offer all of these plans.  Individualized payment dues will be established through a mutual agreement.  Patients then receive open healthcare as needed for three months at a time at a fee that is appropriate to their economic situation.  Payments will be due at the beginning of each of the three months, and a new plan can be established for any three month period.