Collaborative Care

Collaborative Care is our core service offered.  We have found that in collaborating our medicines, in sharing our vision and understanding as well as uniting our treatment modalities, we can bring to our patients truly holistic, effective medicine.  In working together we are able to offer complete care, holistic and individualized medicine, and a diversity of modalities.

Initial visits include a complete intake by both Dr. Allison Givens, ND and Michael Givens, L.Ac.  Patients are evaluated through the lens of both Classical Chinese medicine and Naturopathic medicine, which are brought into balance and taken to the heart of the individual through Anthroposophical Medicine.  A treatment plan is designed based upon the understanding of the individual, with the modalities of treatment taken from these holistic medicines.

These initial visits usually take 2 hours, but can be longer.  Chinese formulas, western botanicals, Naturopathic treatments, Homeopathic remedies, Anthroposophic remedies or other natural medicines are all possible prescriptions offered to patients, depending on the individual health needs of the patient. The patient’s progress is assessed through follow up visits and further treatment plans are established.

Additional treatment modalities are also offered to the patient including Acupuncture, Moxa therapy, Traditional Cupping therapy, Cranio-Sacral therapy, and Anthroposophic External Treatments, and Hydrotherapy.   Sometimes, we combine therapies together during one session.

Our goal is to offer complete care that is established upon natural and holistic principles of healing.