The Work of Michael Givens

Michael has written and translated numerous books that are for sale, with more to come! They currently are available for purchase here. Please email Michael at: mgivens.lac@gmail for more information.

Future Publications
(Available Spring 2018: Father Seed – Mother Root: Sexual Education in Relation to Nature and Cosmos
This is a book how plant reproduction and growth can teach us a loving and innocent approach to human sexual education and development.

(Available Fall 2018): The Complete Five Elements and Their Relation to the Four-Fold Processes of Time, Space, and Being
This work has been a labor of love for many years, as it delves into the deep mysteries of the five phase dynamics of earth, the cosmos and the human being.

Flavor, Temperature and other Practical Foundations in Chinese Medicine.
This book is offers translations and commentary of the key passages in the Chinese medical classics on the usage of flavor and temperature in herbal medicine. The organization is specifically designed to guide the reader towards a deeper way of understanding Chinese medicine.

Inner Treatises
A New Translation and Investigation of chapters 1-12 in the Huangdi neijing suwen, the core medical classic of Chinese medicine.

Uttering the Names
This book is a four-fold approach to the deep Yijing (I Ching) mysteries found in the ancient text called the Shuogua (Discussions of the Trigrams, or “Uttering the Names”). This translation has also extensive notes that are offered as a means of penetrating the wisdom of the text. Michael has spent over a decade working with this text.


 We offer products that we believe are of the highest quality and are exceptionally useful to our patients.  We only offer products for which we have done extensive research, tried ourselves, and with which we have seen positive results and that we feel are valuable for humanity.

We seek to pay a true price which means that we intend to support the human beings who make them! We offer our products at the cost of production, stocking, ordering, materials, shipping and handling. In addition, we ask for donations to support us in our work and efforts to continue to offer the highest quality health products we can.

Thank you for your support!

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