What type of Medicine is offered here?
We are a threefold holistic healing center that offers the ancient wisdom of classical Chinese medicine and Acupuncture, natural science of Naturopathic Medicine, and spiritual science of Anthroposophic Medicine.

How long are visits usually?
Initial visits with Dr. Ali Givens, ND are usually two hours for adults and an hour and a half for children.  Follow ups are 45 minutes. Initial visits with Michael Givens, L.Ac. are 1 hour, and follow ups are 45 minutes.

How should I dress?
Please come in comfortable, loose clothing that allows for easy access for acupuncture, cranio-sacral, or other physical medicines we offer.

Does Acupuncture hurt?
Needle insertion should be painless, and the overall experience is usually not what one would call painful. The purpose of acupuncture is to awaken the attention of the body towards a healing path, and this waking up process is ideally something experienced by the patient. There can be sudden, even slightly shocking sensations, or a warming sensation, or a sense of opening and release; this is highly individually based. Generally speaking, one feels better after acupuncture treatments.

How often do I need to come in?
This depends upon the nature of your illness or situation. A good rule of thumb is that for every year of illness, a month of regular treatment is needed, which includes daily herbal or anthroposophic remedies and weekly treatment (acupuncture or other). Often when illnesses show up, they have been developing for a long time. Symptom management can occur rather quickly, but preventing further illness, or a worsening of illness takes more time. Our philosophy is to see symptoms as indicators of deeper health needs and imbalances and our concern is both to help you feel better right away, and to treat the root of the disease to prevent a continuation or further development of illness.

• For serious conditions, frequent acupuncture and daily herbal medicines are best.
Then when the seriousness is under control, visits can be less frequent.
• For acute conditions, this is also the case.
• For chronic conditions, weekly or bi-weekly acupuncture and herbal consultations for
3-6 weeks are best, then monthly to seasonal visits are recommended.
• If you get a cold or an acute flare up while taking herbs or getting treatment, it is
best to come in right away so that we can utilize this healing situation in the most
beneficial way.

What about the quality of the Chinese herbs?
The herbs we have in the clinic or order through our trusted suppliers are of the highest quality one can find. They have been through the strictest of quality control processes, including ecologic, environmental and endangered species identification and testing. We have very high standards for medicine, and expect our suppliers to meet them, and consider ourselves to be stewards of the natural medicines of the world.

What are your rates?
In order to keep both practitioner and patient focused in the consultation and treatment, we have established a rate/treatment for each practitioner. We see all payments as gifts, and welcome your generosity so that we may continue to freely treat all members of our community.

Rates for Michael Givens, L.Ac

  • Initial Visit – $125
  • Follow up – $65 for 45 minutes
  • Follow up – $95 for 1 hour

Rates for Ali Givens, ND

  • Adult Initial Visit – $315
  • Adult Follow Up – $120
  • Child Initial Visit – $215
  • Child Follow Up – $120
  • Initial Cranio-sacral Therapy – $120
  • Follow up Cranio-sacral Therapy  Adult – $95
  • Follow up Cranio-sacral Therapy Child – $75
  • Injection – $15

All payments are due at the time of service.
We do not turn anyone away due to inability to pay.

What payment methods do you take?
Currently we take cash, check and credit cards.  

We do charge a 3% credit card fee with that form of payment.

Please contact us if you have further questions.