Nine Paths of Healing and Renewing

Nine Paths of Healing and Renewing

A 6-week program for healing and preventing chronic illness 

with Michael Givens, L.Ac.

Text or Call: (971) 227-3898 if interested, or visit

Nine Healing Modalities (individualized for each patient’s needs)

  • Acupuncture using the nine types of needles
  • Individualized Chinese herbal prescriptions
  • Urgent care (acute treatments to avoid chronic suppression)
  • Healing dialogue and compassionate communication
  • Non-insertion acupuncture techniques
  • External herbal applications and therapies
  • Dietary, lifestyle, sleep, and movement therapies and education
  • Musical, tonal and artistic therapies and education
  • Soul/spiritual counseling and education

Treatment Program

  • 2 (45 min) treatment sessions / week for 6 weeks  [1 (45 min) treatment session / week for 6 weeks is available] 
  • A healing portfolio of materials that includes lifestyle and healing protocols / guidance, and other resources catered to each individual to be able to continue after the 6-week program
  • Urgent/ acute care as needed (colds, flus, injuries, ailments, anxiety, crises, addictions, health and illness concerns, etc.)
  • An internal herbal prescription is always included in the program (and included in the cost) to address current healing processes.
  • A weekly program educational seminar on Fridays from 1:30-2:15
  • Program must be completed in 6 weeks, and additional 6-week programs, or separate treatments, can be added at any time.

Cost (includes all the above)

  • 2 treatments/week:  $594/6 weeks or $99/week, with a 6-week commitment  

      [$37 / treatment + $25 for herbs / week]

  • 1 treatment/week:  $390/6 weeks or $65/week, with a 6-week commitment

      [$40 / treatment + $25 for herbs / week]

Program can be renewed every 6 weeks or at any time.

Treatments are available on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-8 

Fridays and Saturdays from 8-1

Text or Call: (971) 227-3898 if interested, or visit

Michael Givens has practiced classical Chinese herbal medicine and Acupuncture for 10 years, and is a teacher, lecturer, writer and researcher of how Chinese medicine can help to meet the needs of our times.  He and his wife, Dr. Ali Givens, ND (Anthroposophic) have a clinic together in Happy Valley.

The Nine (non-linear) Healing Paths

Path 1:  “The Blessing of Illness and Facing Antipathy”

Realm of focus: Surface, Boundaries, Skin, Outward Expression

Treatment:  Skin Cleansing with the Arrow Needle, Fan, Brush, 7-Star, Cup, Posterior Treatment, Internal and Topical herbs for skin and surface release

Path 2:  “Taking in the Treatment and Resisting Sympathy”

Realm of focus:  Digestion, Healing, Metabolism and Energy

Treatment: Muscle Parting with the Round Needle, Anmo, Daoyin, Anterior Treatment, Internal and Topical herbs for injury, misalignment, and metabolism

Path 3:  “Attunement and Harmonious Expression”

Realm of Focus: Movement, Freedom, Harmony

Treatment: Vessel Tuning with the Millet-tip Needle, Musical Healing, Internal and Topical herbs for circulatory support and rhythmical balance

Path 4:  “Free Movement”  

Realm of Focus: Movement, Freedom, Flexibility

Treatment:  Tendon Stretching, Blood Movement with the 3-Edged Needle, Taiji, Breathing, Internal and Topical herbs for tendon and blood strength

Path 5:  “Five Phase Agreements”

Realm of Focus:  Interior Transformation and Communication

Treatment: Five Phase treatment with the Short Needle and using the Five Tones, Internal and Topical herbs for healing organ form and function and bone healing

Path 6:  “Regulation of the Sun and Moon”

Realm of Focus:  Light and Dark, Waking and Sleeping Regulation

Treatment:  Channel Acupuncture with the Filiform Needle and using the Twelve Pitches, Internal and Topical herbs and essential oils for channel regulation

Path 7:  “Life Nourishment and Acceptance”

Realm of Focus: Earth, Mother, Nourishment

Treatment: Subtle medicine using the Hair Needle, Moxa, Lifestyle, Bazi(Astrology), Internal and Topicals for pain as well as nourishment and renewal

Path 8:  “Soul Nourishment and Forgiveness”

Realm of Focus: Emotional Health through Organ Health and Soul Counseling 

Treatment:  Deep treatment with the Long Needle, Art, Music, Contemplation, Meditation and Prayer Guidance, Wind Herbs, Moxa, Minerals and Essences

Path 9:  “Spiritual Nourishment and Living in Service”

Realm of Focus: Consciousness and Destiny: Love, Light and Life

Treatment:  Big Movement with the Big Needle, Consciousness exercises, Karma exercises, Biography and spirit-remembrance