Nine Paths of Healing and Renewing

Nine Paths of Healing and Renewing

A 6 (or 12)-week program for healing and preventing chronic illness 

with Michael Givens, L.Ac.

Text or Call: (971) 227-3898  with questions or to sign up

Treatment Program

  • 2 (45 min) treatment sessions / week for a 6 week program; or, 1 (45 min) treatment session / week for a 12 week program offered at a discounted treatment rate, including 10% off all herbal prescriptions
  • Program goals are established at the first visit, and a concluding assessment is offered at the last visit, with suggestions for future steps and methods of continuing upon a this healing path 
  • This program is different from a regular acupuncture and herbal visit in that it follows the 9 paths of healing from outside to inside and utilizes specific methods for each path


  • 2 treatments/week:  $480, with a 6-week commitment  
  • This is a 30% discount off of normal visit rates
  • 1 treatment/week:  $624, with a 12-week commitment
  • This is a 20% discount off of normal visit rates

This program can be renewed every 6 or 12 weeks, or at any time.

Nine Healing Modalities that include:

Classical Acupuncture using the nine types of needles/modalities

Classical Chinese herbal prescriptions

Healing dialogue and compassionate communication

Non-insertion acupuncture techniques

External herbal applications and therapies

Dietary, lifestyle, sleep, and movement therapies and education

Musical, tonal and artistic therapies and education

Soul/spiritual counseling and education

The Nine Healing Paths

First Steps: A Compassionate Dialogue of Healing Goals and Intentions

Path 1:  “The Blessing of Illness and Facing Antipathy”

Realm: Surface, Boundaries, Skin, Outward Expression

Treatment:  Skin Cleansing with the Arrow Needle, Fan, Brush, Star, Cup; Posterior 

Path 2:  “Taking in the Treatment and Resisting Sympathy”

Realm:  Digestion, Metabolism, Muscles, Interior Sensing of the Outer World

Treatment: Muscle Parting/Healing with the Round Needle, Anmo/Daoyin; Anterior 

Path 3:  “Attunement and Harmonious Expression”

Realm:  Circulatory-Respiratory Rhythmic Movement, Freedom, Harmony, Balance

Treatment: Vessel Tuning with the Millet-tip Needle, Musical Healing; Lateral

Path 4:  “Free Movement”  

Realm:  Circulatory-Respiratory Free Movement, Flexibility, Openness, Fluidity

Treatment:  Tendon Stretching, Blood Movement with the 3-Edged Needle; Lateral

Path 5:  “Five Phase Agreements”

Realm:  Interior Transformation, Communication, and Resonance

Treatment: Five Phase treatment with the Short Needle, the Five Tones; Interior

Path 6:  “Regulation of the Sun and Moon”

Realm:  Light and Dark, Waking and Sleeping Regulation, Channel Regulation

Treatment:  Channel Acupuncture with the Filiform Needle and the Twelve Pitches 

Path 7:  “Life Nourishment and Acceptance”

Realm: Nourishment from and Re-connection to the Source of Life and Destiny

Treatment: Subtle medicine using the Hair Needle, Moxa, Lifestyle, Bazi(Astrology), 

Path 8:  “Soul Nourishment and Forgiveness”

Realm: Emotional Health through Organ Health and Soul Counseling 

Treatment:  Deep treatment with the Long Needle, Art, Music, Meditation and Prayer 

Path 9:  “Spiritual Nourishment and Living in Service”

Realm: Consciousness and Destiny: Love, Light and Life

Treatment:  Big Movement with the Big Needle; Consciousness and Remembrance 

Hidden Path: “Listening to What is Needed”

Treatment: A Quiet, Open Treatment Session

Steps Towards Completion:  A Compassionate Dialogue of Self-Care, Self-Knowing