Lichun and Ji Hai: Special New Year’s Spring Newsletter, 4-5 February 2019

Valley Spirit
School of Healing Arts

谷神不死, 是谓玄牝。玄牝之门, 是谓天地根绵绵若存, 用之不勤。
The Valley Spirit does not die: her name is the Divine Mother.
The gateway to her mystery is called the birthplace of Heaven and Earth.
There her song continuously resounds as though she is always birthing.
Use her song (to its completion), yet she remains (singing).

Lichun and Ji Hai: Special New Year’s Spring Newsletter, 4-5 February 2019

Dear Friends,

Xinnian Kuaile! (Happy New Year!) Welcome the Sun’s spring blessing and the Empty Moon’s renewal, who are today united at the gateway of our own life’s becoming. The Moon guards and ushers towards us the gateway of past deeds left for us to again take up with courage and wisdom, for she holds the wisdom of the setting, reflecting Sun. The Sun stands as a beacon, calling us into the future – towards a new sunrise, a renewed Earth who carries us as her children with the hope and trust of what will come. On this auspicious day, past and future unite, and we are invited to a festival of freedom, love, and hope.

Just yesterday, I was graciously welcomed to speak to the Anthroposophical Society in Portland, Oregon on the history of the birth of classical Chinese medicine, which was also a time of renewal, hope, and a striving for compassionate freedom. I was filled with a warm enthusiasm for our medicine when speaking to a society of free thinkers, for they welcomed the spirit of the ancient East into their hearts and asked, “What future stream is this to become?” In response, a feeling of hope arose for compassionate service beyond nation, race, gender, language or culture: a healing art in service for all of humanity.

One year ago today I initiated the Valley Spirit School to be open to all for this very purpose, with the intention (as I then wrote in my first newsletter), “…to support a gentle transformation of our profession, our way of learning, and our connection to the Goddess Natura, the Valley-Spirit, who can show us the way towards the meaning of the healing arts”. Today I would like to add to this, “…and to support our connection to the gates of the Sun and Moon, who can reveal to us what is possible in the mysteries of life.”

I hope you will join our studies and endeavors at the Valley Spirit School of Healing Arts sometime. I have attached a Spring Class Schedule, as well as a flyer for the New Year WuyunLiuqi Calendar, Snake Oil. Please feel free to share with whomever you wish.

May the Peace be with you in the New Year of the yin-Earth Pig!

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