Dahan – Special Wuyun Liuqi Newsletter

Valley Spirit
School of Healing Arts

谷神不死, 是谓玄牝。玄牝之门, 是谓天地根绵绵若存, 用之不勤。
The Valley Spirit does not die: her name is the Divine Mother.
The gateway to her mystery is called the birthplace of Heaven and Earth.
There her song continuously resounds as though she is always birthing.
Use her song (to its completion), yet she remains (singing).

Dahan: Special Wuyun Liuqi Newsletter.2019

Dear Friends,

The Wuyun Liuqi, which is a calendric calculation of the cycles of time and spirals of change – and that could be translated as “The Five Planetary Migrations and the Six Atmospheric Influences” – begins on January 20th of each solar year. Chinese Astronomy (Bazi) begins on February 4th (or 5th) of each solar year, that is, on the first day of spring (Lichun), and the Chinese Lunar New Year begins each solar year, on the 2nd new moon after the winter solstice, which this year is on February 5th, the day after the beginning of spring.

January 20th is a good day to begin to observe the changes in the weather, the winds, cloud formations, storms, and overall changeability of the times, as a hint of what is coming in the New Year. These changes are still not yet here (on Earth), but the signs of the times can be seen in advance with careful attention to them. They are all around us, and are most prominently living in the thinking, feeling and actions of the people.

In Chinese medicine, Renshi mediates between the Tianwen and the Dili – that is, the people and their human affairs, human experiences, human thinking, and human engagements, are the bridge between the spirit from the Heavens and forms of the Earth. So, as a preview, the period of “Great Cold” (Dahan – January 20th – Feb 4th) provides insight into what is lurking in the hidden realm, and about to become our environmental and atmospheric influence.

It is also important to note that the Moon, who rings in the year through its concentration of the light of the heavens down upon the earth in its four distinct phases and bi-weekly ascension and declination, will be eclipsed this evening by the Earth. This also calls upon us to observe in what way are the cycles of change interrupted by the activities occurring on the Earth.

January is a quiet time, the time of the Mountain; yet beneath the Mountain, is Thunder. The New Year is stirring, and has been since the Winter Solstice, since the holy nights of winter, since the time around January 1 when the Earth is closer to the Sun than it is at any other time of year (though we are of course tilted away). In this outer darkness, what inner seeds have been planted and charged with a new impulse – what will we be called upon to bring forth with the burgeoning spring?

In celebration of this time, the beginning of spring, and the Lunar New Year of the yin-Earth Pig (Ji Hai – a year of dark Earth and Wind), I am offering a discussion/gathering for anyone interested in the history of Chinese medicine from an Anthroposophical perspective, through the Anthroposophical Society of Portland on Sunday (2/3) at 7pm (at Bothmer Hall).

Please join me and our Anthroposophical friends to ring in the New Year with a close look at the inner impulse of our medicine – an impulse that came with the revolutionary spirit of spring.

Finally, if you are interested in a course on the details of the Wuyun Liuqi, its calculations and its clinical applications, there is a workshop this Saturday (1/26) from 2-6, and a larger course to be held in late spring. Please let me know if you are interested!

May your New Year be a Year of Peace,

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