Valley-Spirit School of Healing Arts

Interested in Holistic Healing Arts?

The Valley-Spirit, School of Healing Arts offers a comprehensive education and training in holistic healing arts designed to meet the needs of our times.

Join us for a renewal of classical Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, practiced through Nine Healing Modalities.

Certification Program in Valley-Spirit Healing Arts and Life Nourishment

The practice of our Nine Modalities does not require an Acupuncture license (L.Ac.) or have to involve the practice of Acupuncture. Our Nine Modalities are holistic healing arts that support the becoming of the human being, and are an extension of classical Chinese Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.

These healing arts offer adults, children and infants suffering from acute or chronic illness, trauma, injury, pain, digestive or neurological distress, allergies, asthma, eczema, learning differences, or life crises, a means of stepping onto a healing path of life nourishment as well as the prevention of future and chronic diseases.

Our program is open to all. Youth Apprenticeships are available, and anyone 19 years or older is eligible to enroll in the certificate program.

There are 81 classes offered through our program, constituting 9 courses of study and practice. Each class is taught in 3 hr blocks and costs $90. Any class can be taken at any time, and in any order, or by itself. As soon as there are 3 students committed to the class or course, it can be held (schedule permitting).

Our courses help to develop insight into the whole human being. Our healing arts are non-violent, holistic, and are practiced courageously in alignment with natural and spiritual healing processes. Our modalities can transform any professional medical practice into one that supports the healing power of nature and the dignity of the human being.

Doctors, Acupuncturists, healers, herbalists, body-workers, and other healing arts practitioners can take our courses to learn from and incorporate the Nine Modalities into their practice. All of what we teach and practice is rooted in classical Chinese medicine, and made available for people of today.

Our program offers a way to practice truly holistic, natural healing arts that can evolve and transform with the becoming of each individual human being.

For more information about our school or our clinical practice, contact:
(971) 227-3898

Course Overview (each course consists of 9 independent classes)

Foundation Courses are devoted to the human being’s form, function and spirit

Foundation Courses
1. Yu Ti (玉體): Jade Body
– Anatomy and Physiology encountered through Ancient Cosmology
2. Jing Luo (經絡): River Body
– Holism experienced through the Human Being and the Human Experience
3. Jing Shen (精神): Medicine Body
– Healing Arts applied through Herbal Practice

Intermediary Courses are devoted to the practice of classical Chinese herbalism

Intermediary Courses
4. Li-Fa (理法): Principle and Method
– Archetypes of Classical Chinese Herbal Formulas
5. Fang-Yao (方藥): Formulas and Herbs
– Herbal Formula Families in Practice
6. Yi Zhe Yi Ye (醫 者 意 也): Herbal Practice is Intention and Attention
– Renewing Eastern Herbal Practice in Our Times

Practicum Courses are devoted to the Nine Modalities and Valley-Spirit Healing

Practicum Courses
7. Jiu Zhen (九針): Nine Needles
– The Complete Nine Modalities and their Healing Arts Possibilities
8. Yang Sheng (養生): Nourishing Life
– Nourishing Life Healing Arts
9. Gu Shen (谷神): The Mystery of the Valley-Spirit
– Valley-Spirit Healing Arts

Four Electives (each elective course also has 9 independent classes)

1. Philosophical and Spiritual Text Seminars
2. Classical East Asian Medical Text Seminars
3. Practical Observation and Experience
4. Seasonal Lectures, Conferences, and Seminars

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