Lixia: Summer Stands Up at the Valley-Spirit School!

Mystery of the Valley-Spirit
School of Healing Arts

谷神不死, 是谓玄牝。玄牝之门, 是谓天地根绵绵若存, 用之不勤。
The Valley-Spirit does not die: her name is the Divine Mother.
The portal to the Divine Mother is called the birthplace of Heaven and Earth.
Her song continuously resounds as though she is always birthing.
Use her song (to its completion), yet she remains.

Lixia: Summer Newsletter, 5 May 2018

Dear Friends,

As the budding of spring quickly gives way to the flowering, fruiting of summer, the rush of time can take us by surprise! Just when we finally feel spring all around us the light of summer floods in and the starry dragon soars in full disclosure through the night sky. This rush has even pushed forward the start date for the first official class of the Mystery of Valley-Spirit School of Healing Arts (in our new location!), which was yesterday – things are definitely happening fast!

Yes, the Valley-Spirit has moved to a new location: fittingly, high above Portland, tucked beneath the capped peak of a quiet cinder cone volcano (Mt. Scott), in Happy Valley, Oregon. Perhaps “Happy Valley” is a slight mistranslation of Gushen (谷神), the Valley that can hold the Light of the Spirit: it was the light in this mountainous valley that brought us to this new location.

We will be offering our full curriculum to anyone 19 years or older who is interested in Valley-Spirit Herbal Practice; we are also actively working in the NCAAOM PDA / CEU credentialing process for all of our courses for Licensed Professionals. Our intention is to offer most of our classes also online through recorded presentations, webinars, and downloadable materials. Our newest faculty members will soon offer Taiji and Qigong classes in our beautiful new classroom space, or in our gardens outside in full view of Mt Hood.

This Earth Dog year has already brought a new earthly fire, a fire of transformation and change. The question is: how do we harness this wild fire, (especially in such a year of conflict between fire and water)? The Earth Dog reminds us that the key is focused training, while remaining playful and active.

And so, at the Valley-Spirit School we will remain playfully active, focused on what is needed for our times.

We hope you will join us, through taking classes, earning PDA / CEU credits, and through becoming members. We are hoping to build community through a shared interest in the future of healing arts. Becoming a member is a simple way of saying yes to joining in our playful activities. When we come together to form service-oriented, deeply caring communities in freedom, we are inviting the Valley-Spirit to support our efforts and uniting with the destiny of the Earth.

Please see the attachments with our course schedule, our membership information, and our class descriptions.

If you would like to continue to receive these email newsletters, please consider becoming a member, or check back around Liqiu (8/7) at:

On Liqiu (8/7), when Autumn stands up amidst the long, earth-summer, Michael will offer a free lecture to the community of members.

Please send questions or comments to Michael at:

May you find equanimity amidst the polarities of fire and water this summer!


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