Mystery of the Valley-Spirit: Program Costs and Becoming a Member

Program Costs Payment Options

$30/ hour of instruction $90/ 3-hour course
$90/ 3-hour course $202.5/ month for 12 months X 3
$810/ section $270 / month for 9 months X3
$2430/ year $810 / 3 months for 9 months X3
$7290/ 3 years (core program) $2430/year X3
+ $90/ elective (optional) $7290 -4% for full payment
+ Books and Materials (optional) = $7000 one time payment
+$15 Membership Application Fee (School Membership and Certificate – optional)
+$9 annual Membership Fee (on Lidong, for continued Membership in the School)


Benefits of becoming a Member of the Mystery of the Valley-Spirit, School of Healing Arts:

1. Acknowledgement and recognition of mastery of these healing arts through the designation: “Practitioner of Valley-Spirit Healing Arts” or “Valley-Spirit Herbalist”

2. Opportunity to participate in School governance and organization

3. Opportunity to participate in the 4 Seasonal School Meetings where the practice and profession of these healing arts is discussed and evaluated

4. Opportunity to participate in 4 Free Seasonal School lectures offered by the School to its Members. These lectures are also available as electives to non-Members. Meetings/Lectures are held on Lichun (~2/4), Lixia (~5/5), Liqiu (~8/7), and Lidong (~11/5).

5. Opportunity to receive the 4 Seasonal School Newsletters for Members

6. Opportunity to teach, pursue advance studies and teacher training through the School, and to start independent branches of the School.

To apply to become a Member, please submit the following:
1. A 1-3 page letter of interest that details your intentions and goals in joining our School as a Member. This should not be formal, but instead we are hoping for something personal and honest.

2. A 1-3 page brief biographical sketch that describes important events, decisions, encounters, or experiences that led to your interest in joining our School.

3. Application: please fill out our brief application form, and submit with a recent photo, as well as a $15 non-refundable application fee. (Available online)

Requirements for maintaining Membership Status in the School

1. Submit a $9 annual payment on Lidong (~11/7) to the School.
2. Maintain good standing with the School through proper usage of its teaching materials, and proper wording of its application in practice.
3. Maintain good standing with the School’s community through compassionate communication and engagement.

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