Current Courses Offered at the Mystery of the Valley-Spirit School of Healing Arts

Currently, Year 2, Section 2 Courses are underway.

Anyone over the age of 19 may take any of our courses, with instructor approval. Courses do not need to be taken in order.

Interested students should contact Michael directly via email or phone at and (971) 227-3898.

All courses may be taken for CE/PDA by licensed practitioners, pending approval.

Students wishing to obtain a Certification in Valley-Spirit Healing Arts of Herbal and Life Nourishment, must apply to become a Member of the School, which can be done at anytime, even after completion of all courses. This is a non-accredited, non-medical certificate, but confers an acknowledgement by the School of the practitioner’s good standing and excellence in classical Chinese herbal practice and in Valley-Spirit Healing Arts of Herbal and Life Nourishment.

Current Courses
V. Fang-Yao (方藥): Herbal Formula Families in Practice

In section 2 of Year 2, classical herbal formulas are analyzed and compared/contrasted with each other by the inter-relation through their chief herb. Each formula is then seen within the context of a family of formulas as a means of seeing the greater possibilities, as well as the polarities and unique qualities of the formulas studied. Additionally, the chief herb is also described in terms of its plant nature, and the plant family from which it comes. This provides a means of diversifying one’s study of formulas, and making them real in the sense of really knowing the individual herbs and their relations. Possible substitutions will be considered through this method of approach, and the goal is to understand and perceive the archetypal expression of the herb, and how this can have many faces depending on its relationship to other herbs. The framework of study also follows the cosmological numerology from ancient times, which develops from water to fire to wood to metal to earth (1-5), and then from earth to water, fire, wood, and again metal, but under the influence of earth (6-9). This numerological approach is taken for it reveals a significant foundation in classical Chinese medical thinking and practice.

Year 2, Section 2 Courses

37. Water (1: Unity) – Guizhi
38. Fire (2: Separation) – Fuzi
39. Wood (3: Dynamic) – Chaihu
40 Metal (4: Conclusion) – Dahuang
41. Earth (5: Transformation) – Renshen
42. Earth – Water (6: Solution) – Banxia
43. Earth – Fire (7: Identification) – Mahuang
44 Earth – Wood (8: Enlivening) – Danggui
45. Earth – Metal (9: Crystalizing) – Huangqi

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