Intentions of the Mystery of the Valley-Spirit School of Healing Arts

The Mystery of the Valley-Spirit, School of Healing Arts seeks to meet the needs of the times and the needs of the individual. Our training cultivates each student’s gifts and hidden potentials, and offers advance training in Valley-Spirit healing arts and practice. We offer no dogmatic protocols, no rigid or abstract constructs, and no attachments to a particular lineage or system. Instead, we offer a path towards self-knowledge, social understanding, and spiritual wisdom that is to be directly applied to the needs of specific individuals and unique communities. Our approach is salutogenic, holistic, natural, and community-focused. We begin first and foremost with the health of the human being.

Our goal is to significantly reduce the cost of healthcare by supporting open education. Our graduates are not beginning their practice with an enormous debt that must be paid by expensive visits or relying upon the insurance companies – which ultimately drive the costs of healthcare up while lowering the quality of care due to the limitations they place upon the provider. Our goal is also to teach and provide the highest and most effective form of healing arts that is gentle, non-invasive, and is truly reliant upon the healing power of nature and the human being. We trust in nature, trust in the spirituality of the human being, and trust in the healing process. We seek to live the fundamental principle of all healing arts: to first do no harm.

Our program is based upon a deep and thorough study of the classics of Chinese medicine, as well as the wisdom that lives within these medical classics. We are not interested in these classics for their own sake, nor for any nostalgic longing for ancient times. We are interested in the wisdom of nature that lives in these classics, and that can speak to our own lives and for our own times. We are seeking the Valley-Spirit, so that she can show us the way to the highest form of health: the complete human being who stands in the portal (as a living bridge) between Heaven and Earth.

Therefore, our intention is to teach what is essential and living in Chinese herbal medicine, what provides the greatest healing and understanding of the healing process, and what truly meets the needs of our times. We recognize that the ancients from China had such a profound connection with the Valley-Spirit, the Divine Healer, that what was passed on through the classical texts offers access to her; yet her healing power can only live in us and in our communities if we also develop a profound connection to her. Our intention is to foster this connection through our school of healing arts.

Our intention, through fostering a deep connection to nature and the cosmic wisdom of the East, is to practice herbal and life nourishment healing arts with the willful and scientific acuity of the West, that is best described as practicing with a:
“Gentle Will to Heal”.

Anyone over the age of 19 may take any of our courses, with instructor approval. Courses do not need to be taken in order.

Interested students should contact Michael directly via email or phone at and (971) 227-3898.

All courses may be taken for CE/PDA by licensed practitioners, pending approval.

Students wishing to obtain a Certification in Valley-Spirit Healing Arts of Herbal and Life Nourishment, must apply to become a Member of the School, which can be done at anytime, even after completion of all courses. This is a non-accredited, non-medical certificate, but confers an acknowledgement by the School of the practitioner’s good standing and excellence in classical Chinese herbal practice and in Valley-Spirit Healing Arts of Herbal and Life Nourishment.

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