Mystery of the Valley-Spirit, School of Healing Arts

Mystery of the Valley Spirit.Program Catalogue.2018

Mystery of the Valley-Spirit
School of Healing Arts

谷神不死, 是谓玄牝。玄牝之门, 是谓天地根绵绵若存, 用之不勤。
The Valley-Spirit does not die: her name is the Divine Mother.
The portal to the Divine Mother is called the birthplace of Heaven and Earth.
Her song continuously resounds as though she is always birthing.
Use her song (to its completion), yet she remains.

We offer a Certification in Valley-Spirit Healing Arts of Herbal and Life Nourishment

Program Overview

The Mystery of the Valley-Spirit, School of Healing Arts offers a comprehensive education and training in East Asian healing arts designed to meet the needs of our times. We teach Nine Modalities of healing arts that are based upon the classical Nine Needles in Chinese medicine and classical Chinese herbal medicine. Our Nine Modalities are the core modalities of Chinese medicine, and yet are not Acupuncture, and are not TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). We offer a non-accredited certification in the practice of herbal, lifestyle and spiritual guidance and nourishment for the purpose of providing holistic consultations, using Nine adaptable Modalities. Our Nine Modalities are on the one hand much more closely connected to the roots of classical Chinese medicine, and on the other, much more closely tied to the subtle healing arts needed for our times, than TCM practice is. The practice of our Nine Modalities does not require an Acupuncture license (L.Ac.). We do not teach the diagnosis or treatment of disease, and so this is not a medical school. However, Acupuncturists (as well as Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Medical Doctors, Counselors, Massage and other Body Work Therapists) who graduate from our program receive advanced training that can greatly enhance and further their practices and professions.

Our program is appropriate for Acupuncturists and Acupuncture students who are seeking the deep roots of classical Chinese Medicine and who wish to strengthen their own clinical practices. Other licensed Doctors and Therapists can benefit from our program. Though we do not teach the practice of medicine, we offer a foundation of healing arts that can transform any medical practice into one that supports the healing power of nature and the dignity of the human being.

Our program is also for students, herbalists, and other practitioners who do not want to incur a substantial debt and time commitment in pursuit of the L.Ac., license in Traditional or Classical Chinese Medicine (or other medical licenses), with all their constraints and limitations, but instead wish to practice the many modalities of Herbal and Life Nourishment upon which all of Chinese medicine is based (which are included in our Nine Modalities). Our program offers a way to practice truly holistic, natural healing arts.

Anyone over the age of 19 may take any of our courses, with instructor approval. Courses do not need to be taken in order.

Interested students should contact Michael directly via email or phone at and (971) 227-3898.

All courses may be taken for CE/PDA by licensed practitioners, pending approval.

Students wishing to obtain a Certification in Valley-Spirit Healing Arts of Herbal and Life Nourishment, must apply to become a Member of the School, which can be done at anytime, even after completion of all courses. This is a non-accredited, non-medical certificate, but confers an acknowledgement by the School of the practitioner’s good standing and excellence in classical Chinese herbal practice and in Valley-Spirit Healing Arts of Herbal and Life Nourishment.

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